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I'm constantly discovering and developing procedures, tips, and how-to guides as a side-effect of my hacking, debugging, development and investigation of software packages. I cover so many bases I forget most of them almost immediately and then kick myself later when I or someone else needs the information.

I used to try keeping them in a phpBB forum but although formatting was good, it didn't quite fit with what I need, and I stopped using it. From then on my tips were left on a vast array of special-interest forums, in trouble-ticket and bug reports, in stand-alone web pages, text notes, 'post-it' style desktop notes, and more.

My problem was keeping track of where I left all those helpful notes and so I finally decided to bite the bullet and use Trac since I can put issues in trouble-tickets, how-to guides in the Wiki, and patches in the software repositories. I shall be copying all my external Howto guides into this Wiki when I can rediscover them.

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