HTC Desire Tear Down Fake Sites Alert

You have arrived at this page because the web-site that referred you:

  • is misleading you into believing it is relevant to your enquiry
  • is misleading you into believing it has more active members and original, relevant forum posts than it does

I've decided to put this alert in place so that you know not to trust the forum site that linked to my site. It creates fake links and text that misleads you into believing those forums are relevant to your enquiry. I suggest you avoid those forums and look elsewhere for a site dedicated to your device.

How the Fake Forums Operate

I originally  posted a message to the forums of when I was repairing the AMOLED screen and digitiser of an HTC Desire.

As HTC launch new devices (e.g. Merge) the operators of the htcdesireforum site clone its entire contents to a new domain name (e.g. and replace all mentions of "Desire" with the name of the new device; in this example "Merge".

This cloning and replacement of text changes all mentions in text and links so that the post I made and the link I embedded in my post to my HTC Desire Tear Down is changed to sound as if I'm talking about the Merge and linking to a non-existent Merge tear-down article.

When this began happening I tried to post a response on the new site to let readers like you know its a fake, but the account I had created for wasn't accepted on the new site. I didn't care to create additional accounts on the new sites.