To Do List

This project has so many avenues of investigation it is difficult to stick with one or to recall all the little sub-tasks I think of. This page is my aide-mémoire as well as providing some indications of areas others might want to look at.

27th October: "hboot" analysis. Investigate _init() path to determine if fast-boot detection code is present (presumably very early in the sequence, if it is there).

27th October: Investigate HTC fast-boot mechanism, see how Cyanogen has implemented it, figure out if it can be done with a stock T-Mobile G2 firmware.

27th October: Continue investigating which main-line commit HTC branched from with their kernel, prior to merging the HTC sources into my main-line git repository.

27th October: Write a simple kernel module that causes a jump back into the HBoot code and test whether it is stable.

27th October: Write a simple user-space binary patch-memory utility that can take a description file and from it uses /dev/mem to patch hboot code.

27th October: Add a section on how to build and use the YAF file-system driver for a PC on the Exploring ROM images page.

26th October: Locate the REX/AMSS reboot code handler and figure out what it does with the various restart_reason codes.

26th October: Investigate whether the suspected encryption keys in G2-stock encrypted p13/p14 images occur in any firmware image file for any of the RUUs.

24th October: "hboot" analysis: identify the rest of the libc functions (look for a BSD-licensed library that matches what has been found already).

22nd October: "radio" analysis: 1st pass 40% complete (setting up pointers to string constants). To be continued.