Internet from PDA Via Bluetooth on K800i with Three UK

I had to configure a Windows Mobile PDA for Internet access via Bluetooth to a Sony Ericsson K800i on the 3 UK ( 3G network. There are few if any reliable guides or explanations - until now.

Know The CID

The most crucial part, and never clearly explained, is that most connection failures result from not entering the correct CID in the PDA's dial-string. What's a CID? It's the Connection ID in the 'phone. Let me explain more. Most 'phones can have multiple data accounts configured for accessing data services. These are usually sent to the phone when it is activated or else already configured.

On the K800i they are found in the Settings > Connectivity > Data communication > Data accounts menu.

In this menu will be one or more connections each describing a data service. Each has an ID. On the K800i, to show the CID, select the connection then press More > Account info. You'll see something like:

Name: 3 UK
External ID: 6
Login request: Off
Allow calls: Automatic
IP address: ...
DNS address: ...
Authentication: ...
Data compression: Off
Header compression: Off

Here, the CID is the External ID: 6.

Create a PDA Connection

Now, on the Windows Mobile PDA go to Start > Settings > Connections > Connections > "My ISP name" > "Add a new modem connection":

Enter a name for the connection: 3 UK
Select a modem: Bluetooth Card

The modem selection might be different on your device - use your intelligence to select the correct option.

Press Next. Now enter the number to dial. In fact this isn't a number to dial, it is a control command to the 'phone telling it which data account to use. Recall the CID is 6?

Enter the number to dial: *99***6#

Press use dialing rules and ensure they are disabled - Use dialing rules should not be ticked. Press ok (top right of window).

Press Next. The request for User-name and Password is irrelevant since the 'phone doesn't need them. However, Windows Mobile will prompt for them when making a connection if they are left blank, so:

User name:

Press the Advanced... button. On the General tab select the fastest speed available:

Baud Rate: 115200
Extra dial-string modem commands: z

Press ok

Press Finish, then ok and close out of the dialogs.

Connect to the Internet

Now, try accessing a web site using Internet Explorer. The 'phone will probably ask whether to allow the connection. At this point it is useful to allow it always (saves having to fetch the 'phone out of a bag or pocket).