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MIDI Software Synthesiser using Fluidsynth With Pulseaudio


sudo apt-get install fluidsynth fluid-soundfont-gm fluid-soundfont-gs

Configure ALSA Output Library to use Pulseaudio

Edit /etc/libao.conf:

default = pulse

Script to Start and Stop Fluidsynth

Save the attached script Download to an appropriate location and make it executable:

chmod a+x

Each time the script is executed it will toggle the state of fluidsynth. If fluidsynth isn't running it will be started. If it is running, it will be stopped.

Add a Gnome Panel Icon

Right-click the Gnome panel, choose "Add to Panel...". Choose "Custom Application Launcher.." Set the values(adjust the path to match your system):

Type: Application Name: Fluidsynth Path: /home/all/scripts/ Comment: MIDI Software synthesiser

Press the Icon button and choose a suitable icon (e.g. /usr/share/pixmaps/noteedit.xpm)

Press the "OK" button.

Now each time the panel button for fluidsynth is pressed it will toggle the start/stop status of the synthesiser.


Select the Fluidsynth MIDI input port in the MIDI application you use. For example, if using KMid:

Settings > MIDI Setup... Choose the Fluidsynth input port.