DBLinkODBC - ODBC Datasource Authentication for IRCXpro

Use any ODBC datasource to authenticate IRC users with IRCXpro server. A replacement for IRCXpro's DBLink component.


IRCXpro supplies a component called DBLink that provides for users to be authenticated against a Microsoft Access or SQL Server database using the OLEDB provider. This is nice for administrators of low-volume sites or those prepared to deploy MS SQL Server at a cost of several thousand ££$$ just to store a username, password and class!

It also seems silly for a program that uses a database so trivially to dictate which database server an administrator should use - especially when Windows has easy-to-use Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC), and drivers for every major database server are available.

I asked over a year ago for ODBC support for IRCXpro, but nothing came of it. Other people also asked so I know its something people would like. I asked again recently and was told that if I bought an expensive license (about £700 if i recall correctly ) I could have access to the source code and write my own ODBC connector.

I decided to write my own connector, and here it is.

DBLinkODBC project page (binary, source-code, and instructions)