osCommerce modules

Copyright © 2005 TJ

A variety of contributions to the osCommerce e-commerce platform I developed for myself and have released under the General Public License.

PayPal IPN V1.2 payment module

A development of the original official osCommerce PayPal IPN contribution. This release fixes several bugs and provides some new functionality.

IPN V1.2 payment module.

Virtual Products

Sell subscriptions, digital products, and services easily. Simply assign products to a Virtual Products group in the catalog products-editor. The customer doesn't see the shipping options during check-out when the cart only contains virtual products.

Virtual Products module.

External Delivery Interface

Provide automated delivery notifications to external applications as soon as payment is received. Especially useful with my Virtual Products module to totally automate the sale and delivery of subscriptions, digital products, and services. Updates order status and sends delivery confirmation emails to customers when the external delivery is successful.

External Delivery Interface.


An automated installer and uninstaller for PHP that can patch existing files, add new ones, create directories, add new database tables, insert new data. Designed to make installing contributions easy, fast and trouble-free.