Zyxel VMG8324, VMG8924, F1000 firmware versions and bugs

This is a detailed list of the firmware bugs found in the firmware for this range of Zyxel integrated access devices. See the device page for details of the hardware and operating system

Firmware Versions

Devices Released Version URL CFE Bootbase Kernel DSL mode DSL driver WLAN code Voice code IPTK Comments
swversion -m swversion swversion -c cat /proc/version swversion -d
VMG8324-B10A, VMG8924-B10A 2013-04-39 V1.00(AAKL.0)b1
VMG8324-B10A, VMG8924-B10A 2013-05-10 V1.00(AAKL.0)b2
VMG8324-B10A, VMG8924-B10A 2013-05-29 V1.00(AAKL.0)C0  FTP 1.0.38-112.118 1.60 2.6.30 A2pv6F038F2 D24E 6.30 RC102.7 4.12L 8.2.2 PDF detailing bug-fixes at URL
F1000 2013 1.00(AAHA.3)D0_0820_2 1.0.38-112.118 1.59 2.6.30 4.12L.06B Branded for Eircom eFibre service